What Is Blogging?

YouTube VS Blogging: Which is the best to make Money online

There are many ways to earn money online and the most popular of them is running a blog and YouTube. Both of these novices always have confusion about what is the right platform to earn on-line. Here we are running a blog comparison of YouTube VS Blogging with you so that you can choose the appropriate platform for you.

If you have an innovative mind, YouTube is a lot less complicated than running a blog. First of all, we can give you a little information about YouTube and Blogging.

What is youtube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website developed through Google, on which we can make a lot of money with the help of uploading interesting and unique videos.

On YouTube, you can make movies on any subject.

To add movies to YouTube, you have to have a YouTube channel and growing the YouTube channel is not a difficult task. For this, you have to have a Gmail account.

What is YouTube?

Cash with youtube

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site. On this, you can add your videos and earn through Google Adsense and earn well. In addition, you can earn extra money through sponsorship and affiliate marketing.

Earning opportunity

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Sponsorship
  3. affiliate marketing

What is blogging?

Similarly, blogging is like YouTube, so we should submit our article on it. In it, we know how to share with humans through our opinions and writings.

You need to have a weblog to know your opinion and with humans. Creating a weblog is not a difficult task. You can create your own blog with the help of studying this article.

But what do you know, you can make extra cash in running a blog through affiliate marketing. Apart from this, you can also earn through sponsorship.

What Is Blogging?

Earning opportunity

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Other ad networks
  3. affiliate marketing
  4. Sponsor very much…

Similarities in YouTube VS Blogging FAQ

Running YouTube and blogs are high-quality ways to earn money. If you start a blog or YouTube, you need to have original content for both because people always need to watch or check out unique content. Also, you have to learn a lot about it.

In YouTube and running a blog, you cannot achieve perfection in one night, each requires time and patience.

YouTube VS Blogging in 2020 Reviewed and Compared Hindi
So let’s start the blogging vs YouTube comparison…

What occurs if AdSense gets disapproved

YouTube – If you have a YouTube channel with much less than 5000 subscribers and your Adsense account receives disapproved due to some reasons then you can’t even sponsorship through the channel, it way that your earnings may be zero.

Blogging – If your Adsense account gets disapproved in Blogging, you could use Adsense alternative advertisements on your blog. In addition, you may earn greater through affiliate advertising and sponsorships. There are many approaches to make cash in running a blog which can be greater than you think.

What is ideal Adsense CPC in Blogging or Youtube

On YouTube, the CPC charge is very low and if you make a YouTube video targeting Asian countries, the CPC price may be very low.

Whereas in Blogging, in case you buy a domain call with.Com extension then your blog may be able to get site visitors from all of you. S. and CPC could be very high.

Maintenance Cost

YouTube – You do no longer want any protection charge. It is a free platform furnished by way of Google however if you use extensions and tools, then you need to pay for it.

Blogging – You can begin your own blogging paid platform (WordPress.Org) or use the unfastened BlogSpot Platform furnished via Google.

If you use the Self-Hosted WordPress Platform, you will want a domain name and good web hosting. We would recommend you to buy Bluehost hosting as it is officially endorsed via WordPress.Org and it also affords a free domain name for 1 year.

However, each is unfastened to start.

Final Words

Blogging is more profitable than YouTube, in which you could earn greater than you expect. Also, you do now not have full manipulate over the YouTube channel, Google controls your channel and if you use an Illegal Tactic, Google will delete your channel. Whereas in blogging you manage your weblog yourself.

But when you have time, you can do both YouTube and Blog concurrently and we also advocate both.

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